Welcome to Exposure 2020 – A collection of short dance works and interviews with Israeli choreographers and dance companies. 

Once you purchase a “ticket” you can enter the website and have access to the creations and interviews of 18 choreographers. A ticket will allow you to view each piece one time, and to view each interview unlimited. You can also choose to add a donation to the payment which will help support the future of dance in Israel.

All ticket fees go directly to the artists!  

ברוכים הבאים לאתר חשיפה 2020 

18 עבודות מחול קצרות וראיונות עם כוריאוגרפים ישראלים.
לאחר רכישת “כרטיס”, נפתחת הגישה לצפייה ביצירות ולראיונות. הכרטיס יאפשר לכם לצפות בכל קטע פעם אחת, ולצפות בראיונות ללא הגבלה. כל תמיכה נוספת תתקבל בברכה ולכן הוספנו אפשרות להגדיל את סכום הרכישה ולתמוך בקידום ופיתוח עולם המחול הישראלי. כל הכנסות הפסטיבל קודש לאמנים!



The Home for Dance in Israel

Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre is Israel’s premier presenter of Israeli and international dance. Established in 1989, Suzanne Dellal Centre cultivates the art of contemporary dance in Israel. The Centre offers diverse performances, events, festivals, programs, residencies, and workshops from the worlds of contemporary dance and performing arts. The Centre has launched dozens of innovative programs to nurture and support new work and emerging artists, providing platforms to expose young artists and bring dance to new audiences. Today, as the dance ecosystem of Israel continues to grow and flourish, the Suzanne Dellal Centre remains an anchor of the scene, presenting and producing hundreds of performances each year and hosting festivals and programs which offer opportunities for dance artists in all stages of development.